2nd March 2022 – Power to the Supervisor

This season, we have been harnessing the power of multiple VenueAware modules in the mobile app to provide more power to squad supervisors. For many years squad supervisors have been able to check-in squad members or raise incidents in the field, but now we have included squad checks, the ability to sign off work and a squad readiness feature to supercharge what they can do. Let’s take a look at the features of the supervisor mobile view:

  • Self Check-In – Once a supervisor is on-site at the venue they can start their On Post activity, from their mobile, once they arrive at their squad location.

  • Documents – The supervisor can quickly view any documents associated with the event.

  • Squad Members – Allows the supervisor to view details about their squad, including photos, and check them in once they arrive at the squad location.

  • Squad Checks – The supervisor can manager their individually allocated squad checks/PEAPs alongside confirming (or rejecting) the completion of any essential work in their location (e.g. from pre-event checks or walk-arounds/inspections).

  • I Am Ready To Go – When the supervisor is happy that the squad is operationally ready, they can confirm this by clicking the “I Am Ready To Go” button. In the control room they will receive this update in real-time allowing them to monitor the readiness of the venue with reduced radio noise.

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